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Forensic Project Recovery

This highly focused specialist discipline is offered to property asset owners and funders who are experiencing a project that is facing unanticipated challenges, or is simply failing.

Forensic Project Recovery could include both identifying the reasons for project failure and then overseeing the project through recovery.

The company’s project experience provides an ideal base for this specialist assignment work.

Alongside experience these assignments call on strong and open minded thinking to identify practical and economic solutions. Recovery and delivery is achieved by tenacity and engaging the right specialists.

Cambridge Estates

Troubled projects often have a common cause, usually in varying proportions:

• Unrealistic targets
• Insufficient design development
• Poor contract documentation and administration
• Scope creep
• A failure of Project consultants to deliver
• Opportunist contractor pricing

Cambridge Estates has been undertaking this work for a number of years. We understand how projects should be structured, contracted, managed and delivered.

Successful projects are delivered by experienced, competent and caring people. Successful projects are never delivered by chance.


Above all Cambridge Estates maintains the integrity of the development process, acting in the best interests of the client in all dealings.

Cambridge Estates


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