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Client Representation

The land development and building industry is a complex and challenging environment and it is important to have the right people on your side.

Cambridge Estates provides you with expert property development advice.  As client and project owner you benefit from having the guidance and support required to protect you.

Client representation may be in the form of an overseeing or advisory role, or it may mean having an ‘on the ground, hands-on’ development manager  overseeing the governance and control needed to keep your project on track.

Cambridge Estates

Client/owner representation role:

• Acting For and On Behalf of the Client
• Expert Advice and Guidance
• Frank and Honest Feedback
• Contract Management
• Development Management
• Strategy and Planning
• Creating and Achieving Measurable Goals and Milestones
• Financial Reporting

At all times Cambridge Estates will act in your best interests to protect and manage the assets that you own.


Above all Cambridge Estates maintains the integrity of the development process, acting in the best interests of the client in all dealings.

Cambridge Estates


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