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Location: Ashburton

Completion: Commenced 2007

Role: Development Management & Client Representation



Braebrook is a 20 ha 186 lot consented residential subdivision in Ashburton. The first stage was built and completed in 2009.

Cambridge Estates’ role included full development management responsibility for the design, marketing, consent process and civil works delivery. The urban design, formed from an abandoned orchard, created generous detailed landscaped reserve areas, adding value and a greatly improved living environment while saving considerable reserve contribution cash sums. The design and construction was complicated by the reconstruction and rehabilitation of a 120 year old operating water irrigation channel which, rather than be diverted and discarded, became a stand out feature of the development.

The land’s previous orchard use and associated spray contamination created significant decontamination issues which were correctly identified and successfully dealt with.

The building design controls initiated by the developer to enhance and protect values were new to the Ashburton market.

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