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Date: September 25th, 2019, Posted by admin

Cambridge Estates was engaged by TVNZ in 2015, midway through its central Auckland building refurbishment project, to formulate and lead the delivery of a revised plan to ensure the project was successfully completed.

This included restructuring the project team, recontracting the builder, while delivering this complex project within highly redefined budget and delivery expectations.

The scope of work included active management of the project contractor and consultants to deliver programme timing, quality and cost control disciplines. Cambridge Estates quickly identified improvement opportunities and acted as the owner’s representative to substantially reset and improve project outcomes.

The restructured project was successfully completed within 1% of the agreed cost plan.

“John Coers leveraged his depth of industry experience to successfully navigate the project through multiple industry challenges… He managed to attract and motivate a team of high-quality specialist consultants; he demonstrated clarity of focus; a bias for action; and the tenacity required to see things through to completion.

Cambridge Estates added to significant value from the time of its engagement through to project completion, and if I had my time over again, I’d have engaged Cambridge Estates from the very beginning”

– Kevin Kenrick, Chief Executive Officer, TVNZ

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Paddington Basin

Date: September 25th, 2019, Posted by admin

Paddington Basin is a fully integrated mixed use regeneration project located in the West End of London, adjacent to Paddington Station.

Designed and built around the terminal of the Grand Canal this development of over 1.8m sq ft of space incorporates commercial, retail, residential and hotel uses within a 12 acre(5 ha) freehold site, featuring a redeveloped open water space.

The project, joint ventured with the British Waterways Board, was development led by Trafalgar House, one of the UK’s largest development and construction public companies.

In the role of Development Valuer (Manager) for the project, John Coers’ principle responsibilities were supporting the Project Director during the preconstruction phase, particularly land purchasing, design, planning, consenting and project financial analysis. Planning approvals were granted in this period.

The project has been a significant London regeneration project, featuring building finishes of polished natural stone, glass and machined metal alloys. The regentrified Grand Canal takes pride of place. In 1990 the project had a completion value in excess of £1.1 billion.

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Vero Centre

Date: September 25th, 2019, Posted by admin

The Vero Centre development is a landmark 40 level office building in the Auckland CBD.

The project demanded new thinking as to what a modern office environment should be. Opened in November 2000 the building, developed by Kiwi Development Trust (now Kiwi Property Group) and an internationally capable team still holds pride of place as one of New Zealand’s highest and largest premier office building. It continues to retain its pre-eminent tenants at full rentals.

At a completion cost of $207 m. t was New Zealand’s first premium grade office building and arguably New Zealand’s first serious office proposition “where needs of the tenants drove the ultimate design outcome – to design the building from the inside-out”.

The Development Manager John Coers was part of a highly competent and focused team that created this outstanding commercial building.

While achieving and continuing to achieve some of the highest NZ office rents, the building was and remains highly cost efficient in terms of floor space efficiency and reduced costs per person. This higher density was achieved through careful design including correct floor plate dimensioning, featuring a central core producing column free space, supported with perimeter glazing and considerable open public and tenant break out space.

Minute attention to detail was applied to every aspect of the building, it’s functions, performance, components particularly in the context of fit for purpose, life expectancy, maintenance and replacement.

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Date: September 25th, 2019, Posted by admin

Cambridge Estates was engaged as client representative and development manager to undertake a comprehensive property review post the 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes. The role included redefining and evaluating Mainpower’s Head Office property space requirements and growth needs.

Mainpower made the decision to relocate to new purpose built premises in Rangiora built to Importance Level 4 (IL4) seismic standards. The development included office, warehouse, service and storage areas.

Cambridge Estate’s engagement extended to full responsibility for total project delivery. This included identification and selection of the project team; contractor prequalification and tender; through to construction completion.

The project was finished within predetermined budgets and time frames despite regional post earthquake consultant and contractor resource limitations.

“John Coers, Cambridge Estates’ Managing Director, demonstrated an inclusive and engaging management style and conducted business responsibilities and relationships in an open, frank, fair and honest manner. He consistently acted for and in the best interests of MainPower.

Of particular value was his ability to identify, lead and work with a competent, focused and cohesive team whilst always engaging with MainPower.

He operates with a unique and valuable skill with great understanding and expertise of the property industry.

I would be happy to recommend John Coers and Cambridge Estates Ltd in the future.”

– Warren Wright, Financial Manager, MainPower

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Date: September 25th, 2018, Posted by admin

Commencing in 2001 this 4½ year, 47 ha project set a bench mark for Business Park subdivision.

The project had two significant achievements:

1. The creation of a new locational identity using new strict building controls and efficient design and lot sizing;
2. The successful planning and completion of a major earthworks with over 1 million m3 being shifted and compacted.

These successes were a credit to the team lead and directed by Cambridge Estates as part of  the successful interplex@albany Business Park project.

The suite of land use controls that supported the locational identity were critical to the success of the project and provided enforcement security alongside the required flexibility to adapt to market and product advances (a recognised problem with inflexible covenants).

The ‘Development Code’ encouraged and promoted excellent site and building design while providing an enforceable mechanism to prevent and stop bad design. The interplex@albany land commanded a premium of at least 40% over neighbouring land of identical physical nature.

The entire property was earthworked to provide platformed commercial lots with industrial standard roading to give flowing networks and connectivity.

In all, in excess of 1 million m3 was moved on site and all as a  the completely balanced cut to fill.

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Date: September 25th, 2018, Posted by admin

Braebrook is a 20 ha 186 lot consented residential subdivision in Ashburton. The first stage was built and completed in 2009.

Cambridge Estates’ role included full development management responsibility for the design, marketing, consent process and civil works delivery. The urban design, formed from an abandoned orchard, created generous detailed landscaped reserve areas, adding value and a greatly improved living environment while saving considerable reserve contribution cash sums. The design and construction was complicated by the reconstruction and rehabilitation of a 120 year old operating water irrigation channel which, rather than be diverted and discarded, became a stand out feature of the development.

The land’s previous orchard use and associated spray contamination created significant decontamination issues which were correctly identified and successfully dealt with.

The building design controls initiated by the developer to enhance and protect values were new to the Ashburton market.

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Belfast Park

Date: September 25th, 2018, Posted by admin

This 80 ha project was initiated to completely redevelop the Canterbury Belfast Freezing Works into a mixed use residential and business park development.

A Private Plan Change for the rezoning of the residential component was undertaken at Cambridge Estates’ direction.

Development of the project land had to address significant geotechnical issues with ground contamination located above a high water table. This, in conjunction with the site’s flat contours and it’s boundary to the Kapatohe Stream also created significant storm water control design problems. These were able to be addressed despite the council’s difficult compliance regime.

Site clearance and demolition was also undertaken. The demolition system developed was relatively unique in that all the individual material types were identified, stripped and isolated to maximize salvageable value and avoid dumping fees. Concrete structures were crushed to be re-used for building site and roading construction.

Full sub-division consents for the business zoned land representing one third of the property, were granted in 2010.

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